Voltage converter 24V/12V DC 4A

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ID: 1073

Net price: 46.43 zł

Gross: 57.10 zł

Quantity: szt.

Product information:

Voltage converter allows lowering input voltage (18-32V range) to 12V. This gives the opportunity to supply 12V-devices from switching power supply/buffer.

Output current of 4A means it possible to supply few devices.

Converter has open frame construction so it is recommended to put it in installation box or enclosure.

Product specification:

Input voltage
Output voltage
Max. output current
Input voltage tolerance
do 92% dla Uwe 28V
100 x 40 x 20 mm
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    +48 84 616 76 00

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    Call and order:
    +48 84 616 76 00

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