Video Transmitter-Receiver 1VP-A BNC-angle, 2 pcs

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Gross: 13.17 zł

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Product information:

The 1VP-B balun (passive transformer) is designed to transmit video signal from an unbalanced (75 ohm) output to an unbalanced (75 ohm) video input, via a twisted pair of UTP, FTP, or STP cable, using one device on each end of the transmission line (unless the video input is to cooperate with a multi-channel device). Due to angular shape it integrates well with the source and the receiver of the signal.
The transformer matches the impedance of coaxial video output (75 ohm) to the impedance of the balanced line (100 ohm), ensuring proper video transmission over distances up to 400 m (category 5 cable).

Product specification:

Standard level at coaxial input / output
Insertion loss
CMRR (dB @ 5MHz)
Impedance of coaxial input / output
Impedance of balanced output / input
Coaxial connector
Symmetrical connector
Operating temp. / relative humidity
Dimensions (W x H x D)
400 m
1 Vpp
-0.5 dB (f=5MHz)
0...50 MHz (-3 dB)
75 Ω
100 Ω
BNC-anlgle male plug
screw terminals
0ºC...+55ºC / <95%
0.016 kg
15 x 15 x 47 mm
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