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W ofercie sklepu posiadamy dużą liczbę urządzeń Ubiquiti, MikroTik, anteny, obudowy RACK, kable światłowodowe (patchcordy), moduły SFP.



  • News Słupek światłowodowy FTTH punkt dystrybucyjny SSF-1355/295/208

    FTTH Fiber Optic post to Outdoor optical networks.

    Net:429.00 zł
  • News Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 (UCK-G2)

    Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 is a second generation miniature computer with an implemented UniFi controller used to manage the network of UAP devices from the cloud level.Thanks to the use of Bluetooth and mobile application in a few minutes you can configure the network from the UniFi mobile application.On the front panel UCK-G2 has a display that displays the most important information about the network status. The built-in battery provides protection against data loss in the event of a temporary power outage. The most important Features of the product - 4x more efficient than the first generation- easy Bluetooth configuration with the UniFi mobile application- powered by 802.3af PoE or USB-C- built-in battery for automatic safe shutdown- the front panel display enables fast browsing of the network

    Net:689.72 zł

    Call and order:
    +48 84 616 76 00

  • News  Ubiquiti FiberPoE F-POE-G2

    Ubiquiti F-POE-G2 media converter with the possibility of powering devices using passive PoE in the voltage range 24 - 50 V DC additionally providing EMI and ESD protection. Thanks to the weather-resistant housing, it can be successfully used in outdoor installations where the distance to supplied devices is considerable (masts, towers). Distinctive features: slot for SFP modules DC terminals (for 2 wires) - 24VDC / 50VDC RJ-45 port (DC IN) - 24VDC / 50VDC RJ-45 PoE port Attention! It works only with devices equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port.

    Net:109.16 zł
  • News Osłona Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC CPE NS‑5AC

      Anti-noise shields are most effective in CPE and BASE STATION applications when there is a lot of excessive noise (i.e. a lot of networks nearby). Thanks to CNC technologu used in manufacturing process, shield is made with needes precision. Shield is made entirely from aluminium, coated with light grey so it is light, corrosion resistant and blends in perfectly with the device. Set includes steel bracket and mast clamp that allows tiling the Nanostation. Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC (NS-5AC) is not included.

    Net:59.00 zł
  • News Osłona MikroTik RouterBOARD OmniTIK 5 ac RBOmniTikG-5HacD

    Omnitik cover / shield for creating 120 degree sector from RouterBOARD OmniTIK 5 ac (RBOmniTikG-5HacD) and  RouterBOARD OmniTIK 5 PoE ac (RBOmniTikPG-5HacD).

    Net:64.00 zł
  • Call and order:
    +48 84 616 76 00



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